Hi, I’m Hannah Tjaden. I’m a graphic designer with a MFA from Yale School of Art class of 2022. I make books, websites, moving images and various objects informed by research and my previous experience as an art historian. Get in touch by sending me an e-mail. Currently working on a new identity and website for the Swiss Art Dealers Association with Paul Bille. This website was last updated on July 8th 2022 and is always in progress.

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I’ve been designing exhibition catalogues for Zürich based gallery Larkin Erdmann since 2017. I’ve made 11 numbered books for them so far. In addition to books, there’s gallery ephemera including posters, mini book totes, signage and postcards.

Here are some interior spreads from our latest book on the drawings and sculptures of American artist Ken Price. The catalogue features an essay from curator Dieter Schwarz and photographs by Flavio Karrer. The book is A5 perfectbound and printed offset with Die Keure. We’re using G.F Smith Colorplan for the cover with foilblocked text and image and Sappi Galerie Silk for the interior pages.

Textile Architectures was a book for the Yale School of Architecture published in 2020 with a foreward by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen.

My own research interests centers on instruction and performance. Performance as Instruction, Instruction as Performance was developed in the context of a workshop led by Linda van Deursen in 2022 using images from my collection of photographs from instruction manuals from the 60s and 70s combined with performance art documentation of the same time. This led to two more performances on instruction: How To... and Performance Review.

Shirt As... are a series of 5 cotton shirts made as an invitation for intimacy.

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The Frick Pittsburgh
Larkin Erdmann Gallery, Zürich
Kim Mee Hye, Antwerp
Marlborough Gallery, New York
Plan B Architecture & Urbanism
Venice Architecture Biennale
Yale School of Art
Yale School of Architecture
Yale History of Art

Teaching, Workshops

Small Movement Pieces, A Workshop at the Yale Center for Collaborative Arts & Media (CCAM), 2022
Performance as Instruction, Instruction as Performance, A Lecture, Parsons, Enticing Marks, Mianwei Wang, 2022
T for Typographies, Graduate Graphic Design, Yale School of Art, Teaching Fellow for Julian Bittiner, 2022
Typography II, Undergraduate Graphic Design, Yale School of Art, Teaching Fellow for Alice Chung, 2021

Awards, Fellowships

Rebecca Taylor Porter Award in Graphic Design, 2022
Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) Studio Fellow, 2021
Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Research Fellowship, 2021

Links, Credits

E-mail me to see more work, or get in touch. Find me online here and here, on Are.na
Thank you: Yuseon Park for documention photography.

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